How Not To Sell A Domain Name

This is the text transcript to a crazy voicemail message that a Seattle-based (or Bellevue?) company left to our firm (McCollum & Griggs LLC).

Keep in mind, the conversations they had prior to this message had been with Kansas City female attorney, Annette Griggs.

The actual 60-second recording is hilarious. You can hear the slurring, drunken-like rant in an unedited voice recording here.

SEO / Internet Marketing Company Supervisor:

“You wanna know [slurring] Wadette?”

“You, you, you’re an idiot”

“You’re a total idiot, because you are going to pay ten thousand dollars to an SEO company that is never going to get you number one.”

“And then what you do is you waste my young man’s time, and that’s time, brother. Alright? To give you a domain name that will put your business number one on Google forever.”

“You don’t understand anything about how Google works, and how an, the analytics work.”

“I am from Microsoft. Alright?

“I work in Seattle Washington.  Bellevue, Washington.  Alright?

“So you wanna buy a domain name and you wanna be number one on Google forever?  Alright?”

“So, be there!”

“Otherwise, go waste your ten thousand dollars, and get broke, an you’re never gonna be on the first page.”

“So don’t waste anyone’s time any longer.”

“Don’t, don’t mess with my boys.”